2022 Hallowheels Sponsors

Support Our Hallowheels Event!

Children’s Assistive Technology Service (C.A.T.S.) will be holding our 6th Annual Hallowheels fundraiser this October. Hallowheels is a costume event which transforms wheelchairs and walkers into vehicles of imagination, transporting children to a place of fun, creativity, and possibilities.

Hallowheels 2022 will feature one-of-a-kind children’s costumes, designed, and crafted by their families, with instructional resources and costume kits supplied by C.A.T.S.  We will hold some local Hallowheels events. for the children and families to showcase their costumes and to participate in Halloween festivities. Pictures of their costumes will be posted on our website during Halloween week. Followers can make a $1.00 donation for each vote for their favorite costumes. All proceeds support C.A.T.S. assistive technology reuse program.

Hallowheels is the perfect expression of why we do what we do. The joy and pride in our children’s eyes and the love and patience in their parents’ eyes say it all. Please join us as we celebrate our children and parents this Halloween.

Sponsorship Information

C.A.T.S. is asking for your help sponsoring this year’s Hallowheels Fundraising.  Cost is minimal and the benefits to the children and families are priceless.

There are 5 levels of sponsorship:

  • Ghost $100 sponsor name on social media sites, press releases website and small size listing on flier
  • Goblin  $200  all above plus sponsor spotlight on social media sites, website and medium size listing on flier
  • Haunted Mansion  $500 all above plus large listing on flier
  • Scarecrow  $1000 all above plus photo album commemorating the event
  • Great Pumpkin  $5000 all of the above plus company name included in title of event, plaque of winner and photo opportunity of check presentation if desired

*Deadline for sponsorships: October 15, 2022*