Children’s Assistive Technology Service (C.A.T.S.) provides for the re-use of pediatric rehabilitation equipment and assistive technology devices in Virginia. C.A.T.S. serves as a no-cost resource for children with disabilities who need adaptive equipment and whose families have limited resources.

At Children’s Assistive Technology Service (C.A.T.S.), we believe every child deserves the chance to thrive. Children with physical, neurological, and developmental disabilities face unique obstacles that challenge their ability to move, communicate, and connect. We’re here to change that. Our mission is clear: to enhance their health, enable their participation in school, foster genuine connections with their families and friends, and champion their journey towards greater independence.

Imagine being the parent of a two-year-old and having to wait up to a year for a vital mobility aid like a gait trainer or walker. Or consider the plight of a growing 12-year-old being denied a fitting wheelchair due to a policy that allows only “one wheelchair every five years”. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? And yet, these scenarios are a reality for many children in Virginia. All too often, essential adaptive and rehabilitative equipment remains inaccessible, labeled as “experimental” or “not medically necessary” by insurance companies.

But there is a silver lining: Through your generosity, C.A.T.S. has been able to refurbish and repurpose donated equipment, ensuring that it finds its way to children who truly need it. With your unwavering support, C.A.T.S. provided equipment last year with a depreciated value of over $3 million. If purchased brand-new, this would have equated to over $5 million in public healthcare costs. Our re-use program operates at just a fraction of this cost, amplifying the impact of each dollar donated.

Your gift to C.A.T.S. is more than a donation; it’s a declaration that every child deserves a fair chance at a fulfilling life. Together, we can create inclusive communities where all children, regardless of their challenges, can shine. After all, supporting C.A.T.S. isn’t just about making a donation—it’s about making sense, or as we like to say, a lot of “cents”!