C.A.T.S Covid-19 Update: March 31, 2020

Listen up please! COVID-19 policy updates:

  • Donations of equipment are not being accepted until after June 10th.
  • Though we have reduced staff hours, we are still making requested equipment available on a case by case basis, at our three primary locations in the Roanoke Valley, Greater Richmond and Hampton Roads.
  • Transport of items between CATS locations is taking place, although slower and could be temporarily curtailed at some point.
  • If fitting and adjustment of requested equipment is required, arrangements via “tele-therapy” or Face time will need to be arranged with the child’s therapist, and confirmed with CATS staff.
  • Families must be willing to come pick up equipment, and in making that decision, we respect that they have determined the needed item is important for their child’s life at home.
  • Alternatively, families may also request equipment now, and have C.A.T.S. hold it until after June 10th.
    Thank you! Ya’ll hang in there! Stay healthy!!!!

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