Hallowheels 2019 rolls to a close!

And it’s over, Hallowheels 2019. So, who won the costume competition? The Winners are ALL the children who were so pleased with their costumes! Oh, you mean that winner? All the teams where charged with not only designing and building costumes for their assigned youngsters, but then they had to go out and recruit votes, sending people to our website, explaining our mission: To make sure ALL children who need it have access to adaptive equipment because of the generosity of families who pass it on—no matter what health insurance denies or delays . University of Lynchburg’s DPT Team Two, with their motorcycle for Captain America, raised the most money in support of Children’s Assistive Technology Service! They will receive an award to commemorate this event, and their photo will go on our Hall-O-Wheels of Fame. All the teams will receive photos and our top sponsors will receive albums of the event. Additionally, CATS Executive Director will recognize with certificates “Best Use of Materials,” “Best Solution to a Challenge,” and “Best Use of a Sibling.” Can you guess who these will be?   You can check out the results yourself by clicking here!

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C.A.T.S. Goal is to raise $10,000 for our 10-year Anniversary.