Kids Equipment Palooza

Ten second year DPT students participated in the Kids Equipment Palooza event held at the Lynchburg College Community Health Clinic on August 28th as part of their DPT 815 Physical Therapy with Special Populations I course. Funded by The Centra Foundation, Kids Equipment Palooza is a grant project which partners the Children’s Assistive Technology Service (CATS) program with the Lynchburg College Community Health Clinic (LC CHC) in order to expand the number of children and geographic area served by CATS. CATS works with families, therapists, and teachers of children who need equipment to match them with items available for distribution based on the child’s physical needs.
Equipment Palooza events will be held once a month at the LC CHC. During the events, children matched with available CATS equipment will come to LC CHC and work with students, faculty, area physical therapists and CATS team members to be fit with the appropriate equipment. Family members will be educated and trained in the use of the adaptive equipment in the child’s daily activities with the goal of providing opportunities for participation and greater independence.
Upcoming Kids Equipment Palooza Event Dates:
Monday September 25 from 5-7
Monday October 23 from 5-7
Monday November 13 from 5-7
Monday December 4 from 5-7


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