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Bridging the Gap for Special Needs: A Conversation with C.A.T.S.’ Missy Rose on WTKR

In a heartfelt interview with WTKR’s Danielle Saitta, Missy Rose, Clinical Director for Children’s Assistive Technology Service (C.A.T.S.), passionately discusses how C.A.T.S. is making a difference in the lives of children with special needs. The conversation delves into the crucial role C.A.T.S. plays in bridging the gap for children, ensuring they receive the assistive technology they need, precisely when they need it the most.

In the interview, Missy sheds light on the challenges faced by families of children with special needs and how C.A.T.S. ensures that no child is left without the essential tools that can enhance their quality of life.  The interview also offers a glimpse into the lives touched by C.A.T.S, and brings viewers into the homes of one child, allowing us to witness firsthand the transformative impact assistive technology has on a child’s development. These personal stories serve as a powerful testament to the importance of C.A.T.S.’ mission.

Wach the video below to read and watch the story!


Source: https://www.wtkr.com/news/norfolk-nonprofit-gives-the-gift-of-mobility-to-children-living-with-disabilities

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